Our story

Family owned and locally operated on the South Coast of New South Wales

Ian Thuaux, owner, head roster and logo inspiration, and his wife Emily have always loved coffee. Not just for the pick-me-up energy it provides them to keep up with their four children, but in a deeper and more connected way.


From Humble Beginnings

Their passion for ethical and sustainable coffee permeates everything we do at Bearded Brewer Coffee. Ian has spent time in Africa where he learnt about coffee farming and the origins of the beans we all know and love. He has also developed life long relationships with some of the farmers in regions that grow coffee that we feature in our offerings to this day.

This understanding and excitement for coffee that not only tastes good but that is also farmed and sold in a way that is responsible means you can feel good about every cup of Bearded Brewer Coffee you drink and every bean that you buy.

Today the team has expanded but the knowledge and keen interest in everything coffee has been passed on and nurtured in all new team members to maintain that same family feel, with expert knowledge, skills and advice.


Coffee for your business

As hands on coffee roasters we are passionate about supplying coffee for your cafe or venue that is fresh, high quality and that tastes great! Our objective is to partner with you in a supporting role to ensure that your venue shines and to help your business succeed. With the perfect combination of excellent support, service and an award winning product offering, we will be in your corner, backing you all the way – your success is our success and our aim is to provide you with everything you need to achieve your goals. Wholesale coffee

Coffee Beans and Gifts

Coffee isn’t just a nice drink to kick start your day and keep you going through that 3pm slump. Coffee brings people together. We have all been there before – wondering what we should get someone as a gift for a special occasion. At Bearded Brewer Coffee we have put together a range of gift ideas and packs for every need. We also supply smaller quantities of fresh coffee beans for use at home or in the office, so you’re never far from the perfect cuppa. Coffee beans and gift packs can be purchased from the Roastery & Espresso Bar in South Nowra or ordered online and delivered to your door. Shop

Coffee in a Cup

The Bearded Brewer started out as a small coffee roasting business, grew to include mobile coffee offerings and today includes supplying a range of venues, cafes and our own dedicated Roastery & Espresso Bar in South Nowra on the South Coast, NSW. If you’re looking for an excellent cup of coffee check out our stockists for locations or come and visit us at the Roastery. We offer a range of beans and brewing methods each day to showcase the different ways that our coffee can shine. With espresso, filter and cold brew available daily, we also offer tasting experiences and workshops on site. Visit the Roastery


I order the roast for Miles blend. It is exactly the type of coffee I like- strong, full bodied but not bitter. This blend is very smooth. - Pauline.

"We love The Bearded Brewer’s coffee beans!"