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How to store Roasted Coffee at home

There is a lot of misinformation about how to ‘correctly’ store roasted coffee at home. Allow us to show you how to effectively store your precious coffee. Step aside, we are taking those beans out of the fridge for good. We are here to set the record straight. Let’s get to it. There are some…

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To Grind or Not to Grind.

Many people are used to buying coffee pre-ground. It’s convenient, easy and many simply don’t give it a second thought. But there is good reason to think differently: Freshness.Whole coffee beans retain their freshness after roasting for much longer than ground coffee.Whole beans can be fresh for up to a number of weeks. Ground coffee…

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Ian’s filter recipe

Always wanted to know how THE Bearded Brewer makes his cup of coffee? Keep reading…

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8 Reason you should get a coffee subscription!

A coffee subscription is going to make your life easier! Want to know how?

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Are all decaf coffees created equal?

How have the beans been decaffeinated and what does that do to them and their flavour? If you’ve read any of our other blogs or posts or stopped into The Roaster to have a chat with The Bearded Brewer Team, then the answer to this question may be super obvious to you by now. You’re…

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Our top tips for choosing new coffee beans!

Your guide to selecting the perfect coffee beans for you! Interested in Trying Something New? As we near the end of the year that has been 2021 (You’d be forgiven for asking where that time went), you might be starting to think to the new year ahead. For many people this is a time of…

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