The alternative milk you OAT to know about...

The most sustainable of the alternative dairy milk options. 

Oat was the first of the Alternative Dairy Co. milks to join our menu at The Roastery & Espresso Bar. It is such a great product to work with that it paved the way for the rest of the Alternative Dairy Co. milks to make their way into our milk jugs too!

We joke that things take a few years to reach the South Coast of NSW and it’s no different with the rise of alternative milks in cafes and coffee houses. Soy was the staple, almond crept in a few years ago and oat has finally burst onto the scene! 

For the conscious coffee drinker, soy and almond do have their downfalls. While neither are quite as problematic as dairy milk, people still sought a better option and arrived at oat milk. Of all the milks we use, oat used the least amount of land and water to produce, which is one of the major concerns around other alternative products and the dairy industry.

Oat milk is ‘dairy’s doppelganger’ according to Alternative Diary Co. and we agree. Oat gives a nice richness and a smooth feeling to your coffee that you would generally associate with full fat, dairy milk. For a lot of people making the change, oat can be a good middle man while you transition and try out the options in the world of dairy alternatives. While it does add a flavour of it’s own, most milk based coffee drinkers agree that it adds to the flavour of your coffee and gives it a creaminess that almond milk, especially, can be lacking sometimes.

While we are coffee roasters, first and foremost, and we try to ensure that all of our milk offerings go especially well with one of our delicious coffee beans, we have to admit that the oat milk is especially good, with it’s added creaminess and full, rich flavour, when enjoyed as a hot chocolate or chai latte. As the seasons change and that cool weather creeps in I am definitely partial to a nice warm oat chai later in the day.

Made from GMO-free oats, grown in the Riverina and with at least 98% Australian ingredients, Alternative Dairy Co.’s oat milk makes us feel pretty good! The first of the Alternative Dairy Co. milks to make it onto our menu deserves a try next time you’re buying your coffee at The Roastery & Espresso Bar or from The Bearded Brewer Caravan or Pop Up.

Zoe – Manager


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