8 Reason you should get a coffee subscription!

A coffee subscription is going to make your life easier! Want to know how?

Bearded Brewer

Ever had that horrible experience of walking into your kitchen first thing in the morning and having that sinking feeling that you forgot to buy coffee beans the day before? You walk over to your coffee machine and your fears are realised! There are no beans left! AHHHHHHHH

You promise yourself you will never let this happen again!!!

Let’s talk about subscriptions! When you sign up for a coffee subscription it means that you will be sent hand-picked coffee weekly/fortnightly/monthly. You will never run out again and the process is all automated so you don’t need to even think about it. Just congratulate yourself each time it arrives for setting up this great system! 

Given the current Covid situation it is a very real possibility that we might have to isolate at any time. I don’t know about you but in our house, it would be a real disaster if we had to go into isolation without enough coffee to get us through! 

Not convinced yet? Here are 8 benefits of a coffee subscription:

  1. Never run out of coffee again!
  2. Coffee delivery that’s customised to your needs
  3. Budgeting. As it is direct debited you will know exactly how much you are spending each month
  4. You’re always drinking fresh coffee – not the old stuff from the supermarket
  5. Avoiding the shops in a pandemic
  6. Supporting small business
  7. You can cancel or change at anytime
  8. Value for money – a subscription means you get the same great coffee but at a discounted rate.

Yes I’m in! Show me how.

Yay! We are excited to be able to help you experience great coffee that never runs out! 

Step 1: Go to our website 

Step 2: Click on SHOP

Step 3: Choose between Filter or Espresso. If you have a favourite let us know in the notes or if you would like a different one each time we can do that too!

Step 4: Select the amount you need (this can be changed to suit your needs) 

Step 5: Do you need it  ground? We always advocate for whole beans as this allows you to have the freshest coffee however if you don’t have a grinder available we can grind it to suit your requirement. 

Step 6: Click sign up now and proceed to checkout

I’m still not sure.

That’s ok. Some things you might like to know. Our subscriptions are:

  • Customisable. Choose how much you need, what type you like, ground type or whole beans
  • No lock-in contracts. You can cancel, pause or change your subscription at anytime 
  • If you have found a coffee of ours that you love you can make a note on your order that you only want that delicious coffee from now on
  • Maybe you’re not sure what type of coffee you like yet. We can cycle through our blends or single origins so you always get to experience something exciting and new
  • For anything else you can just shoot us an email with your questions and queries and we can provide the info you need to make the best coffee at home.

Thanks for reading. We are sure you will love your coffee subscriptions! If you want to stay up to date with all things coffee, don’t forget to connect with The Bearded Brewer Team online through Facebook or Instagram too.

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