Coffee and Camping

How to have great coffee when you’re out camping. 

Regardless of your opinions on the NSW Roadmap to Freedom, the Vaccine Rollout in your state and COVID in general, the fact is that caravan parks and camping grounds are set to open for those of us in NSW in the not too distant future, and that has us ‘outdoorsy people’ doing a little happy dance!

While we love camping, I think it will be quite clear to anyone reading this that we also love coffee. As such, we thought we would put this one together to give you a head’s up on how we manage balancing the two as well as some options for you if you want to get back out and go camping, without sacrificing good coffee.


 There are a range of ways to enjoy coffee when you head out camping and we support them all, whatever works for you! Except instant coffee. That’s not real coffee and we most certainly DO NOT suggest resorting to that stuff just because you want to get away for the weekend. So, throw out the Blend 43 (Sorry, not sorry Nescafe) and read on to discover some simple options for combining coffee and camping.


First, we accept there is a vast variety of ways to enjoy the great outdoors from caravans and camper trailers to swags and full day hikes. So if you’re taking off to a permanent van in a nice little coastal town with a kitchenette and power, or getting away in your pimped out camper trailer, complete with solar panels and plenty of secure storage space, and you want to pack up your espresso machine and grinder to take with you then be our guest! We’ve seen it done. But if you’re really heading out bush, want something compact and lightweight or you just want to try something new then why not check out the Delter Press 


This little gadget is classed as a type of filter coffee, meaning it produces coffee by moving hot water through ground coffee before passing through a paper filter and into your cup. Lightweight, compact in size and with the ability to produce an outstanding cup of joe, the Delter Press is our favourite go-to for camping and coffee in the great outdoors.

With a brewing capacity of 450ml, a weight of only 250g and coming in less than 170x70mm in size, the Delter Press can fit in just about any bag you’re packing! It’s quick and easy to clean and all you need to add is your paper filter (Delter Press is retailed with 100 filters to get you started), some ground beans (Less than 30g depending on how much coffee you’re making), and hot water (A good quality thermos should do the trick if you’re heading out on a hike and won’t be able to heat water on the go).


If you’ve never heard of a Delter Press, the closest brewing tool around is the trusty AeroPress, so imagine a similar product but more compact. The main difference, and the real game changer for us with this type of filter coffee, is that the Delter Press has a vacuum style Brew Chamber and a silicone Jet Seal that keeps the water separate from the coffee grounds until you’re ready to go. For the hardcore coffee nerds out there, you may have already picked up on why this is such a big deal, but if you haven’t reached that point just yet please read on and let us explain…


The main issue faced with filter coffee, and especially injection brewing methods like the AeroPress, is the lack of control over the agitation of the coffee grounds. Some get more water contact and as such, more heat than others, and some coffee grounds may even stay hidden away in the corners, completely dry and contributing absolutely nothing to your cup of coffee at all. The Delter Press’s unique Jet Seal keeps the water separate until you’re ready to start pushing the Plunger down, forcing the water through the Jet Seal and into the coffee grounds in a uniform flow. This leads to a much cleaner cup, reducing bitterness, increasing the clarity of flavour and giving you a better overall drinking experience where you can really taste and enjoy those subtle coffee flavours that our roasters have worked so hard to bring you.


All of that means it must be true what they say – great things really do come in small packages, and that makes the Delter Press our number one recommendation for coffee brewing tools when you bust out the tent or dust off your hiking boots in the next few weeks.


The Bearded Brewer retails Delter Press’s both online and from The Roastery as both a stand-alone product or in an affordable gift pack option for friends and family when you don’t know what to get them! If they love coffee and/or camping, then the Delter Press is sure to be a hit.


Drop in to The Roastery or send an enquiry today if you’d like to chat to the team about their bean suggestions for the Delter Press or if you have any questions about this wonderful coffee brewing method. If you don’t have a grinder on hand, then make sure you let the team know when you’re buying your beans and they can grind them for you!


If you’re out and about with your Delter Press and loving it then don’t forget to share your adventures with the team online. Find The Bearded Brewer on social media here. We love to see how you’re enjoying those Bearded Brewer beans!


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