Ian’s filter recipe

Always wanted to know how THE Bearded Brewer makes his cup of coffee? Keep reading...


Always wanted to know how THE Bearded Brewer makes his cup of coffee? Here is our expert filter coffee recipe, perfect to try this Christmas break.

It’s no secret that Ian’s preferred coffee is filter, brewed by the Hario V60 Pour Over.
The best thing about owning a specialty coffee roastery is the access to all kinds of coffee! Ian has managed to nail down his current favourite roast, and this is the recipe he follows that ‘gives the juiciest and fruitiest flavour’. Let’s jump in….

Willy El Guatalon Filter Roast is Ian’s coffee of choice. Nice!

Here’s how:
Using 24g course ground coffee and water at 92 degrees (we recommend using the Brewista Artisan Kettle to achieve the perfect temperature).
Commence your pour of 300ml. Aiming for a 2min – 2mins 30sec extraction time.


bearded brewer filter coffee

Looking to explore the world of filter coffee? Ian – the owner and founder of Bearded Brewer Coffee applauds you!

Tips for the perfect brew:
– Brewing with the correct water temperature allows the flavours to bloom, don’t just wing it with temperature (thank us later).
– Correct extraction time will allow for a fine tuned withdrawal of flavours within the coffee, this takes practice. Enjoy the process!

Crafted with passion and expertise, this brewing method transforms the act of making coffee into an art form and ritual. Embark on your refined coffee craftsmanship journey with the V60 pour-over method, preferred by experts. Go on, a symphony of flavours waiting to be unveiled.

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