SOY good, we’ve got to tell you about it!

Let me start by saying ‘I WAS SCEPTICAL TOO’!

Sure, I’ll take a litre sample and try it out. We use Alternative Dairy Co. oat milk and their almond was good enough for us to boot an old favourite off the menu but soy? Come on. We all know there’s one brand of soy worth using, and the rest are, to be super brutal, pretty well garbage juice. But I’ll be polite, take the free sample and humour one of my favourite suppliers to keep them happy.

It’s not every day that I am genuinely and pleasantly surprised in these sorts of situations, but I can tell you that testing out the Alternative Dairy Co. soy milk left me excited and raving like someone had handed me their winning lottery ticket. I dragged other staff over to show them how you could easily create latte art with it, I got the next three soy drinking regulars to try it out to make sure I wasn’t biased and then I called the owner and said, ‘We’re swapping soy milk!’. And just like that, we were all in with Alternative Diary Co. as our alternative milk supplier.

I have followed a plant-based diet for a few years now and prior to that I was predominantly vegetarian however, I haven’t been a dairy milk drinker for about ten years. I hated the way it made me feel and it was one step closer to me being plant-based for my own health, ethical and environmental reasons. I say this so that you understand I am a seasoned soy snob! I was that person that would walk into a coffee shop, ask the barista what soy milk they used and if the answer wasn’t what I wanted to hear then I ordered black coffee, or a tea, a juice or any non-milk option available really. I’d tried almost all of the rest, and nothing was as good. Sure, that magical recipe still split if you heated it two degrees too far, if the coffee was a certain acidity, or if you maybe just looked at it in a certain way, but it was the best option by far and nothing else came close. Until…

Alternative Dairy Co. have worked hard on their new recipe and the results speak for themselves! A soy milk that steams and pours almost exactly like dairy milk – no tips or tricks or special skills needed. It’s Aussie made, from non-GM soy beans and with at least 89% Australian ingredients. This is a soy milk that has been made specifically with coffee in mind.

So next time you’re in The Roastery and you start to wonder why the old king of soy milks is no longer on our menu, when you question whether or not we’ve finally lost the plot, remember that we are coffee nerds, that we love coffee and that we pride ourselves on making the best cup of coffee we can, every single time. And that includes sourcing the very best in milk options for you, including soy!

So, trust us, give it a go and prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the new Alternative Dairy Co. soy milk. Available now, at The Roastery for your milk-based coffees and on the retail shelves for you to enjoy at home as well.

Zoe – Manager


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